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New CPU counters


We have introduced a much improved CPU counter/quota in your vPanel.

Accounts now have a monthly AND daily CPU quota.

The monthly quotas will be increased to a higher limit than they are currently due to the existence of the daily quotas.

To see your CPU utilization log into your vPanel, and click webstats.

Anything below the black line is acceptable, however breaching the red line for any period of time could cause your account to be suspended till 01:00EST, where it will be automatically re-enabled, at this point measures should be taken to reduce your CPU usage. Persistent offenders sites may NOT be automatically unsuspended.

At the moment the system is profiling, and the red / black bar on the graph (warn/barrier) may move, this will steady in the next 24 hours.


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  • i cannot see my site. pls help me admin. i really enjoy XtreemHost. pls dont suspend my site.

  • admin

    @ nataliachelle: your account is active. The reason for the blank page is probably a PHP code error.

  • I cannot find webstats in vPanel, the only similar things I found is “Account statistics”, but I cannot find the CPU quota from Account statistics. It puts CPU there, however no things to show up.

  • admin

    @ actualist: An error in the graphs has now been resolved.

  • Hi, I can see the graph now, but I still don’t know what is CPU quota, How to read the graph ? what is the limit of this CPU quota ?