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SQL Server Upgrades

Hello all,

Over the next 7 days, we will be running a rolling hardware/software upgrade on our SQL-servers.
This will cause per database server approximately 50 minutes of SQL downtime for free hosted customers (Premium Customers are unaffected).

We will as always try to keep any outages to a minimum.

We will be progressing the upgrade in the following order:

sql100 – COMPLETED
sql200 – COMPLETED
sql300 – COMPLETED

After these first three have been verified and any issues in the upgrade process ironed out, we will then start on the remaining servers below. These remaining servers will start from Wednesday 22nd of April 2009, and we should get approximately 9 servers upgraded per day.

sql101 – COMPLETED
sql201 – COMPLETED
sql301 – COMPLETED
sql102 – COMPLETED
sql202 – COMPLETED
sql302 – COMPLETED
sql103 – COMPLETED
sql203 – COMPLETED
sql303 – COMPLETED
sql104 – COMPLETED
sql204 – COMPLETED
sql304 – COMPLETED
sql105 – COMPLETED
sql205 – COMPLETED
sql305 – COMPLETED
sql106 – COMPLETED
sql206 – COMPLETED
sql306 – COMPLETED
sql107 – COMPLETED
sql207 – COMPLETED
sql307 – COMPLETED
sql108 – COMPLETED
sql208 – COMPLETED
sql308 – COMPLETED
sql109 – COMPLETED
sql209 – COMPLETED
sql309 – COMPLETED
sql110 – COMPLETED
sql210 – COMPLETED
sql310 – COMPLETED
sql111 – COMPLETED
sql211 – COMPLETED
sql311 – COMPLETED
sql112 – COMPLETED
sql212 – COMPLETED
sql312 – COMPLETED
sql113 – COMPLETED
sql213 – COMPLETED
sql313 – COMPLETED


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  • Unable to view Sql107 anymore