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DDoS attacks [SOLVED]

Some peoples access to certain sites will currently be affected due to a massive DDoS attack.

We are working to mitigate it, however for the moment have had to block large chunks of IP-space from accessing a specific part of the cluster.

Due to the scale of this attack / type we have had to null route the target IP-address, and re-IP sites hosted on the old IP.

If you are experiencing issues accessing your site, please try rebooting your computer, and router, and then trying again. Failing this working please be patient and allow 24 – 48 hours for DNS propagation.

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  • Dear xtreemhost,
    i cant reach due the DDoS attacks.
    Now i can’t configure my website.


  • admin


    We can see your website without problems.
    “Alles over onze kat Schatje”

    Please be patient, while DNS propagation is still going on for some ISP’s.


  • This website was hacked, or possible created on purpose, to distribute a Trojan horse for a botnet.

    Millions of spam messages saying “You’ve received a greeting ecard” are being received. They contain this link: contains the trojan horse. That file needs to be removed.

  • admin

    Dear Bill,

    This website has already been closed.


  • My website still get the HTTP 500 error. Now, I can’t manage my website. I try to use IE and FireFox to enter the website but it still error.

    I believe xtreemhost will fix this problem as soon as possible 🙂


  • admin


    Your URL is giving us a blank page.
    This probably means you have a syntax error. Please enable PHP Errors (using .htaccess) and you will see the error(s).