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Massive 16 Core CPU power!

As part of our continued process of service improvement, we are very pleased to announce our new server upgrades!

We have commenced an upgrade on our entire free hosting network, upgrading all cluster nodes or servers to powerful 16 core enterprise Xeon CPU’s, these impressive CPU’s are one of the most powerful, fast CPU’s available today, resulting in massive performance increases to the hosting service. All existing servers will be upgraded over the next 14 days to the new ultra-fast hardware, so if you are an existing client – stand by for a considerable speed-up in your service over the next 2 weeks!

We have online right now a cluster of 16 core servers which all new free hosting customers are being commissioned on! Therefore if you signup for a free hosting account today, you will see for yourself how fast your websites and PHP appliations run on our powerful free hosting network! Your account will be created on the new 16 core servers today!

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