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8 Google Wave invites (part 2)

waveWe are again giving away Google Wave invites for all clients of XtreemHost!
Never heard of Google Wave? Check:

What should you do to claim your Google Wave invite?
First of all, you should have a hosting account with us (free or premium). Then you have to reply below with your XtreemHost username and email address. You need a Google account if you want to use Google Wave.

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  • I’d love a wave invite!

  • admin

    @ Grant McCracken: Read the above instructions please…

  • Nic

    A Google Wave invite would be much appreciated.



  • Thank you for your offer. I was really searching hard for a Wave invite…

    XtreemHost Username : xth_4365360
    E Mail : /masked/


    Vineeth Mohan

  • admin

    @ Vineeth Mohan: Invitation sent!

    @ others: Please read the instructions again.

  • Luis

    Can I have an invite please?

    XtreemHost Username : xth_4615019


  • admin

    @ Luis: Invitation sent!

  • Tim

    Can I have an invite?

    XtreemHost Username : xth_4615124


  • admin

    @ Tim: invitation sent!

  • I had sent in a request such a long time ago that I would Looove to get a Google Wave invite as an early christmas gift? I would looooove a GW Invite. Thanaks 🙂

  • admin

    @ Jay Cousins: read the instructions please…

  • Erman


  • admin

    @ Erman: That’s not a Google account you have…

  • Federico


  • Federico


    user: xth_4304645

  • admin

    @ Federico: invitation sent!

  • Erman
    is google account,
    with this email,
    i can login to google and
    i use google tools (Analytics, iGoogle, Google Webmasters Tools)

  • admin

    @ Erman: invitation sent!

  • xth_4357754

    thanks in advance

  • admin

    @ xth_4357754: invitation sent!

  • admin

    @ xth_4713436: invitation sent!

  • Jonatan



  • Abrar

    looking for invitation
    account # xth_1389617

  • user: xth_4190672

  • Omid

    please send me one

  • admin

    No more Google Wave invites left at the moment.
    We will start a part 3 soon…

  • as

    My username: xth_4426390
    Email: x-leb at

  • Karel

    xth_4744507, and I would like an google wave account!!


  • admin
  • Thanks guys.
    I would love to have a google wave.
    I do have a google account.

    Keep up the good work guys.



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