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Free Hosting FTP Issue [Solved]

We have been made aware of an issue affecting some free web hosting accounts in terms of access to Online File Manager and FTP services.

We are working to address the issue as quickly as possible however are still in the process of investigating the problem.

During this time we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve the issue.

Thank you!

EDIT: This has now been fully resolved!

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  • An error has occured
    Unable to login to FTP server with username xth_4722100.

    Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

    The error occured in file /var/www/includes/ on line 64.

    •function ftp_openconnection (/var/www/modules/browse/ on line 231)
    •function net2ftp_module_printBody (/var/www/ on line 317)
    •function net2ftp (/var/www/index.php on line 39)
    ?argument 0: printBody

    can get in my ftp to upload files


  • admin

    @ Eric: Yes, that was explained in the post above…
    This has now been fixed.


    i host this at here. i cant even click a page link on my page and get a proper content all is says is

    The requested file was not found

    please help me!!!

  • admin

    @ Nazir, this is not the place for support.
    Support options:

  • Jitendra Parmar

    I can not connect to my account xth_5072894 by FTP client, below is log when try to connect.

    [15:22:23] SmartFTP v4.0.1072.0
    [15:22:23] Resolving host name “”
    [15:22:24] Connecting to Port: 21
    [15:22:25] Connected to
    [15:22:29] 220-FTP server ready.
    [15:22:29] 220 This is a private system – No anonymous login
    [15:22:29] USER xth_5072894
    [15:22:30] 331 User xth_5072894 OK. Password required
    [15:22:30] PASS (hidden)
    [15:22:30] 421 Home directory not available – aborting
    [15:22:30] Server closed connection
    [15:22:30] Connect failed. Waiting to retry (30s)…

    Please help me..Thanks

  • admin

    @ Jitendra Parmar: See post above yours!