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FAQ: Can I add an extra sub-domain to my website?

Yes, of course you can have more than one sub-domain on your account, it’s one of the best ways to run multiple websites from the same account.

To add a new sub-domain:

  • Login to your website control panel
  • Click on Sub domains
  • Enter a new sub-domain into the box (without www.)
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the domain you want after your sub-domain
  • Click on Create Domain

You can choose from many domains including those of XtreemHost, some generic domain names like or among others.

Once you create a new sub-domain, you will see a new folder appear in your FTP and File Manager with the new sub-domain name such as, any contents intended for this new sub-domain must be uploaded into the HTDOCS file within that sub-domain folder.

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