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FAQ: How do I change file/folder permissions?

Occasionally you may need to set permissions on directories and/or files in order for your site to work properly such as for scripts.

Via File Manager

  • Login to your website control panel
  • Click on File Manager
  • Find the files/folders you need to change permissions on
  • Check the checkbox next to those files and/or folders
  • Click the CHMOD button
  • Check the checkboxes next to the permissions you need, if applicable also check the box next to apply to sub-directories and/or files within the directory
  • Click on the green checkmark icon to apply the change

Via FTP Client

  • Login to your FTP account
  • Navigate to the files/folders you need to change permissions on
  • Right-click and choose CHMOD or File Attributes (depends on your client) on the files/directories
  • Click OK or Apply Permissions

Please refer to your specific FTP client’s documentation to find out exactly how to perform permissions changes via that client, the above is just a generalized how-to and may not be the same for every client.

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