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FAQ: How do I create a new database?

To create a new MySQL database on your free hosting service follow the below procedure…

  • Login to your website control panel
  • Click on MySQL Databases
  • Below ‘Make a new database:’ type a name for the database
  • Click on Create Database

Once you click on Create Database you should see a new database appear on the left in the form of xth_123456_yourdatabase

That is your new database name, remember to include the full database name when installing and/or using it in scripts otherwise you will have issues and be unable to utilize your database.


– Use descriptive database names, for instance if you use one database to power your website content you may want to call it main_ or backend_ or something to denote its role in your website.

– If you have multiple sections of your site such as a backend database for the site itself, a blog and a forum community, it is best to have separate databases for each major function of your site rather than one all encompassing database for easier backups, maintenance and more.

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