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FAQ: How do I import a MySQL database backup?

Sometimes you may find it necessary to restore your site from a backup such as after a script upgrade which breaks your site and cannot be fixed quickly.

You can do so via phpMyAdmin:

  • Login to your website control panel
  • Click on phpMyAdmin
  • Click on Connect to this database next to the database you wish to import your backup into
  • Click on the Import tab
  • Click on the Choose button to find the file on your computer
  • Click on Go

Keep in mind that this may take time and that you may have to choose which compatibility mode to use, such as if you’re importing Microsoft SQL data into your MySQL database.

It is best to compress your .sql file to reduce both time and bandwidth, our servers will automatically uncompress the archive after it has been uploaded and import the data.

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  • anas baantva

    thank you so much… i was stucked at this level while coding.. today was a deadline and i have to submit this..thx.