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FAQ: I never received my account details by e-mail!

When you create your free hosting account, an e-mail is immediately sent to the e-mail address provided during account creation though occasionally this e-mail may be delayed up to 10 minutes, dropped by your e-mail provider, marked as spam or junk mail or otherwise not received.

This is why when you sign up, we present you all of the information related to your free hosting account as well as sending the hosting details e-mail as well as the capability to download a backup PDF of the information.

If you did not receive your e-mail and you did not make a backup of your settings when they were presented to you during the account creation process, you may contact support via your free hosting provider’s website.

Reasons for not receiving e-mail:

  • You made a mistake in your input in the signup process
  • The e-mail was sent but marked spam or junk by your provider
  • Your provider refused delivery (common with Hotmail and other free webmail services)


  • Disregard the e-mail as you have received your details directly from the signup process
  • Signup for a new free hosting account using a different e-mail address
  • Contact our support team to request assistance
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