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FAQ: What are my MySQL settings for scripts and the like?

When you install a script such as forums, blogs, or otherwise which rely on having access to a MySQL database you’ll need some information to provide.

More likely than not it will ask for the following:

MySQL Server/Host Name: (found on the left side of your website control panel)
MySQL Username/Account: xth_123456
MySQL Password: yourpassword
MySQL Database: xth_123456_yourdatabase (created via your website control panel)

Optional Information

Some scripts ask you for a table prefix for the MySQL database tables it will be creating, you can do one of two things if it does which are, leave it at default and proceed with installation or, change it to something descriptive for the tables such as forums_, blog_, support_, pics_ or similar.

On another note, some scripts may ask you for the MySQL port number, if it does it usually populates the field with the correct port number but if not…

MySQL Port: 3306

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  • Aks Soms

    how to change password…because if i change the password the there is problem in accessing the database…

  • xtreemhost

    You can change your account password and this will also change your MySQL password. Just make sure your new password must be between 6 and 8 characters long.