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Inodes limit in VistaPanel


You can now find in the left bar of your VistaPanel the percentage of inodes used for your free account. On the free plan, the number of inodes is limited to 30,000.

1 inode = 1 file or 1 folder

The inodes limit is necessary on free hosting for performance reasons. Note that our premium plan does not have such limitations and comes with a lot of other benefits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this.


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  • it’s crap ,let’s guess you are going to install phpBB ,Joomla or something like that ,then it may have more than 30000 files or at least the number of files will increase when lot of users come ,so I suggest that limit should be removed

  • admin

    Inodes limit is necessary on the free plan. If you don’t like it, we have our premium plan of course.
    A website with over 30000 files is not meant for free hosting…

  • Limit should be atleast 50000 files. coz now a days script are in use so file limit of 30000 is very low. because it include images.

  • admin

    Only 0,05% of our free clients reach the inodes limit. In that case they upgrade to premium because they understand their site is too big to host on a free plan.