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Webmaster Reminder: Backup Your Sites

Backup up your website files and data is crucial when you run a website or network of sites because there is nothing worse than having your site hacked, your databases destroyed and your reputation as a webmaster tarnished.

What’s the worst that can happen though, right? Starting from scratch, being classified as a spammer, foisting malware, trojans or viruses on your OWN VISITORS without knowing it, losing all your ranking in search engines and much more can happen and does happen daily because people fail to backup what’s important.

So take this opportunity now, implement a backup procedure and recover plan, stick to routine backups, once a week for databases, twice monthly for files and keep them safe and up-to-date.

Don’t backup files to the same server or account as being hacked means those backups may have been compromised and if there’s loss of data, that means your backups may be lost too so DOWNLOAD YOUR BACKUPS to your own computers.

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  • hi, my username is xth_6000046
    how I can retrieve data from my website?

  • admin

    @Ribatejo: contact support…