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Maintenance still ongoing…

Free hosting users may be affected by several issues as we are still performing maintenance on several portions of the free hosting network.

These issues are typically inability to login, view hosted content, or access databases or FTP services. We are aware of these issues and are working to restore normality as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, delay and worry caused by these issues and ask for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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  • I am unable to login to my wp-admin dashboard. It is taking a lot of time to load. Is this also affected by the server upgrade process?

  • Ivanka

    Any updates on cpanel.

  • Amrdeigns

    i am a member of and they have the very same message
    “This control panel is currenly not available, however will be available soon. ”
    when trying to log in to the cp panel
    i first though that soon meens a couple of hours but it’s a day till now and counting
    i paid for a .com domain in byethost cp so far i am considered free hosting customer and have no access to my domain …and i was willing to upgrade to premium next may after mysql database got bigger …but with that support and issue i cant go for byethost for any premium anything

    i tried to find the byet support forum or contact email..anything…all are down..!!
    being aware of full server failure i backed up all my imp case anything bad happens
    and searched for an alternative in case i am forced to leave byethost…

    that’s when i found xtreem host…they seem to share the same server since they have the very same issue as well as hosting features…however xtreem host support is there as well as the forums and they are responding to customers…that’s a much better and that’s why i will move to xtreem host as soon as this issue ends…hope to be a premium member of you too from next may if your service is good

    byethost was my best free hosting considering the late issue you replaced that..and you’re my best now

    but as for domain registration i absloutly wont pair my domain with any hosting what so ever after what i’ve seen>>they should be seperate

    hope this issue will end soon

    and i am looking forward to be among your customers

  • Garyplaton

    How often does this sort of thing happen.. Im not gonna sign up if this is a regular hassle.. anyone care to comment?


  • Mark89

    My site from yesterday is down again 🙁

  • Evelyn

    my site is up but cpanel is down

  • Evelyn

    had my account for over two years. this is only the second time the sites been down that I can remember. If you have another alternative please share.

  • xtreemhost

    Premium plan is only $56 a year and has all features you can imagine.

  • Amrdeigns

    i’ve tried so many free hosting

    the most reliable one …no down times was however their 500kb file size limit and 10mb sql qouta were annoying in many scenario

    the second most reliable was byethost same as xtreemhost…nice features really and nice cpanel and no down time for the last 2 years till now both are down…

    anyone know a good free hosting alternative or even a very cheap paid one please share

    i am ready to pay 1$ per month for the same features of free xtreemhost but for better support and reliability

    howeer you can’t find any good paid hossting for less than 3.54 per month

  • Flyer

    dude, you wanna get good hosting for 1$? Are you serious?

  • Flyer

    dude, you wanna get good hosting for 1$? Are you serious?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your view on this maintenance!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your view on this maintenance!

  • Travelginfo

    These guys are great i’ve had my sites up for 5 years with no issues, i’m waiting and wouldn’t dream of going elswhere

  • Travelginfo

    Any time frame on ability to connect to smtp? my sites are giving a cannot connect to smtp host error for a few days now 🙁

  • Amrdeigns i didn’t mean 1$ for premium…that would be a dream

    but in reality world even if these price exists it will be pentium I servers or something near that…

    i just meant i am ready to pay 1$ per month for better reliabilty and support to that free hosting package

    if u ever find any hosting less than 3$ per month and is good tell me
    i will be waiting 24/7 all the time

    56$ is a good price for the premium hosting but it’s a first year offer then it’s 99$ as mentioned ” regularly 99$” in small grey font ..isn’t that right

    so 99$ is too much for a shared hosting

  • Amitkr

    If I register for premium by giving $56 per year. Will I be able to upload 1 TB in my storage space with approx. 10 TB Bandwidth per month. My single file while uploading could be of atmost 7 GB. Shall I be able to upload such type of single files?

  • xtreemhost

    Price for next years is same as price you signup now.

  • Diseño WQ


    First of all: Thanks for your Web service host.

    This service is excellent, please, I want this asset again soon.

  • Ivanka

    Any update about the cpanels..

  • Lovelysharik4u

    hey solve it as fast as possible………the control panel issue…

  • xtreemhost

    You can not minimize the impact of the server maintenance which is going on right now. We are moving our complete hosting architecture to new servers, so we really have to rebuild everything. We’re sure that you will like the move once maintenance is complete.

  • xtreemhost

    Control panels have been transferred to new servers, however we need to finetune some things before we can open them again.

  • Wendy C

    That was a week ago. Does it really take a week or more to do server maintenance? I can’t get anything done!

    To think of all the times I’ve praised xtreemhost as the best free service…!

    I’m annoyed, people.

    If it’s about money, put adverts on. I’d accept that.

  • xtreemhost

    There’s still a lot to do, maintenance will take more than a week. Control panels will probably be back earlier.

  • xtreemhost

    We are no longer making predictions about that… We hope as soon as possible!

  • Sharmine

    How much is left to do?

  • mukyz

    thats all nice.. but how long till panels are back online

  • Wendy C

    Is it reasonable to expect cpanels back by Friday?

    I really want to get back onto my File Manager so I can work on my sites. I realise I’m being impatient, but I’ve got a lot to do.

  • xtreemhost

    I don’t think they will be up by Friday. We depend on the creators of the VistaPanel.

  • Amrdeigns

    byethost which now have the very same down time with the same message posted that on their support page:
    it says the maintenance will be over by 20th jan or sooner
    that’s the only reply they did to their customers but support forums and ticketing system etc are all closed during this downtime
    may be 20th of jan is the time here too
    anyways i will transfer to here as soon as this ends…much better support


    We are working on this issue with the highest priority and it will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Free hosting new account registrations are delayed / temporarily suspended due to server maintenance. Please can you allow upt the 20th Jan or sooner before trying to regsiter a new free hosting account or accessing VistaPanel.

    Existing free hosting customers will see intermitant issues such as accessing websites or logging into control panel over this period.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience services will be resumed as soon as possible.


    La URL richiesta non può essere recuperata
    Mentre si cercava di recuperare la URL:

    Il seguente errore:

    Incapace di trasmettere la presente richiesta in questo momento.

    Tale richiesta non poteva essere inoltrati al server di origine o di qualsiasi cache genitore. La causa più probabile di questo errore è che:

    L’amministratore della cache non consente questa cache di fare collegamenti diretti ai server di origine e
    Tutte le cache genitore configurate sono attualmente irraggiungibili.
    L’amministratore di cache è webmaster .
    Generato Sat, 15 Gennaio 2011 13:53:44 GMT da (Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD-r14756).

    why this :S?

  • Arun

    Please make it fast