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We are now accepting new free account signups! Thanks for your patience during last days if you couldn’t create your account!

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  • xtreemhost

    Contact our support team about it if you still didn’t receive the
    details (this may take a few minutes).

  • I still can’t!

    I created a account and it’s all good, but when you say i have to wait for an activation e-mail, i get one, and i clicked the URL in it, BUT I never get the e-mail with my account details so i cant login!

    What’s the matter?


  • xtreemhost

    Contact our support team by email, they will further help you.

  • Alonemrinal

    Yeah it takes time but not more than 1 hour. I think they activate it manually.
    Make sure you not only created account but also registered free domain. Then you must change DNS of your new registered CZ.CC.

  • marybeauty

    Hi Xtreemhost can you pls help me because i tried to register in but this is the error i recieved
    “Only 1 account per person allowed. Please donate to register 150 free domains with your existing account. All domain names and accounts are deleted without warning in case you are breaking this rule.”

    But i dont have yet any account there. What should i do? Pls help. Thank you. I really want to register now in your website.

  • ala

    What’s going on again??

    “The following error was encountered:
    Zero Sized Reply
    Squid did not receive any data for this request.”

    I CAN’T open my site!!!

    another maintenance???

  • ala

    Now I have:

    “The system returned:
    (111) Connection refused
    The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.”

  • Vinnie

    Greetings, sorry to post this in here but when i tried to register in the forum, everytime i press on the agree button, i get an alert that says my password and it’s verification are not the same.

    I was able to register my personal website in here, and registered succesfully the domain as well, but when i attempt to upload files through either the file manager or the ftp program i use (filezilla) it says in the first:

    An error has occured

    Unable to login to FTP server with username xth_7105332.

    Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

    Go back or Go to the login page

    View technical details
    Hide technical details

    The error occured in file /var/www/includes/ on line 64.

    * function ftp_openconnection (/var/www/modules/browse/ on line 231)
    * function net2ftp_module_printBody (/var/www/ on line 317)
    * function net2ftp (/var/www/index.php on line 39)
    o argument 0: printBody


    And then in my filezilla it says:


    Response: 530 Login Authentication failed
    Error: Critical error
    Error: Couldn’t connet to the server


    After several tries i can connect but when i click on htdocs or any other part of the ftp, it gives the same error as above. I don’t know what to do :(, is this because you are still on maintenance? or because of the moved server. Thank you for your prompt response.

  • xtreemhost

    Please create a support ticket in your control panel for technical
    related questions. This is not the place to get support…

  • Vinnie

    My apologies i will do that, thanks for your prompt answer.

  • uls

    i cant reach my account. something wrong with it i have also sent a ticket but didnt get any response

  • Dey Shimul09

    i deleted the ‘ htdocs ‘ folder ‘ .htaccess file’ and ‘dont upload files here’ ,,,, how can i find that
    files and folder again? please helpppppppp

  • Dey Shimul09

    please restor those files and folder ” htdocs folder .htaccess file and dont upload files here ”
    i deleted those items unfortunately my username ” xth_7746280 ” please help

  • Haris Fahmi

    how to mac Curl on?