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About SMTP, cURL and Sockets

We’re sorry to announce that SMTP, cURL and PHP Sockets are no longer supported on free hosting due to previous massive abuse and security reasons.

These features are only available on premium hosting plan, which has no restrictions, unlimited features and comes with a free domain name. More information and ordering:

Please note that this effects using Google SMTP or any remote SMTP server in your PHP scripts.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • xtreemhost

    – Inodes limit has always been there and is set very high for free clients.
    – Email accounts can still be used if you have a domain name and
    register for the free Google Apps.
    – cURL and sockets make use of external connections which are indeed
    no longer possible on the free plan. We also wanted to keep them, but
    due to the recent hacks we are no longer providing them for free
    – No, MySQL will always be there for free clients and we’re even
    preparing our network to add more features for free clients.

  • anai

    I’m sorry to say this, but you take away all features one by one
    and this hosting stops being one of the best and is becomming
    something realy poor

    – email accounts,
    – SMTP,
    – cURL and
    – PHP Sockets,

    what’s next??


    now I start looking for something alse :((
    though I was going to stay with you for some time and then change to premium,
    but in this situatiun, when you treet your free clients in this way, I’ll think it twice

  • I am running a blog on wordpress CMS. So I would like to know if my website will be affected if cUrl is disabled. Like plugin update notifications that I get or the wordpress rss and news feed relating to security and updates available that I get in my wordpress dashboard will be affected or not.

  • Is FTP down? I can’t log in through FileZilla or the online client. I’d appreciate an answer…thanks! 🙂

  • anai

    so if you take away so much, maybe you can give something in exchange for?

    higher Inodes limit ??

    30000 – maybe it’s very high for you, but for us?
    Joomla! itself has over 10000 files, and what about ad-ons? content??
    unless XH is destined only for static HTML – then it’s really a lot 😉

  • anai

    And what’s more?

    only TODAY I have the 3th problem with my site (503)
    or with FTP

    “The error occured in file /var/www/includes/ on line 64.

    * function ftp_openconnection (/var/www/modules/browse/ on line 231)
    * function net2ftp_module_printBody (/var/www/ on line 317)
    * function net2ftp (/var/www/index.php on line 39)
    o argument 0: printBody”

    I can’t login either through nor through FileZilla

  • Losing these isn’t so bad, especially if you’re willing to work with external tools such as Disqus, Google, and many other services that actually remove all need for these to be turned on with legitimate websites.

  • Actually, Joomla is 5,315 files (freshly unpacked 1.6). It’s also the most bloated CMS out there, while somehow managing to give you so little. All just to make it look pretty. Besides that, you should be able to have up to 5 Joomla installations on the same account before going over the inode limit. If that’s not enough, they DO say you can have multiple accounts using different email addresses.

  • Karen

    This change would be easier for us to manage if we could FTP! This outage is frustrating due to the lack of information.
    Please – when will FTP be available again?

  • xtreemhost

    Please create a support ticket for technical questions…

  • anai

    I have the same
    for over 12 houres :((

  • xtreemhost

    Again, this is not the place for support…

  • Gb4


  • Gb4


  • Ivanka5679

    Unable to access ftp through online file manager. Please give us some idea of when can we expect it to be back online.

  • Seoweb

    Thats really very bad news. That means that I will have to find a new hosting..

  • Arun

    Any way to send emails from my website, because now I am not able to send any emails.

  • Xamire

    I’d say that Joomla is the most advanced, free CSM out today. I would disagree that it’s bloated, and gives you little. Joomla is insane with what it can do compared to wordpress, drupal, phpbb, and honestly it’s not that large considering how much it has packed in one package. You do have the option of turning crap off, and who really cares about an extra.. what.. 4mb of disk space for those extra plugins / modules that you can decide to use later.

    Which CSM do you feel is most valuable (free wise)?

  • I’m guessing you mean “CMS”. The most valuable free CMS? That depends entirely on the site’s purpose and the owner’s needs. If a blog is the primary function of a site, then it should be a blogging software running it. Which platform depends on the needs of the site and the owner’s preferences. However, I have found WordPress and Drupal to have better communities behind them than most others. Chyrp has a small, but faithful and friendly community behind it as well, but is more of a minimal blogging platform. Easy to work with though. Joomla has it’s own purposes and advantages, but simplicity isn’t one of them.

    I don’t feel there is a “best” or “most valuable”. It’s like comparing operating systems… they all have their purpose. A person wouldn’t try to run a popular website from a laptop running Windows 7 Home, and you’re not going to do gaming on a headless Debian based mail server either. Basically, it’s apples and oranges. If you don’t want or need an orange, have an apple.

  • xtreemhost

    That’s right. PHP Sendmail and SMTP are no longer supported on the
    free plan so you won’t be able to send mails from within your website
    to the users. This is fully supported however on the premium plan:

  • Dirk Bosmans

    I just started hosting a website on xtreemhost yesterday, so I am new to all the terminology. I installed PhpGedView on my new site to house a family tree. Does ‘SMTP no longer supported’ mean that PhpGedView can not send email to the users of the site, concerning their password and things like that?

  • That’s right. The server can’t send emails itself. You would have to do it manually. Probably the easiest way would be to setup accounts for users with a generic password that they can change once they login, and email it to them yourself.

  • Dirk Bosmans

    Thanks for the answer. I am slightly disappointed, but I can live with that.

  • Xamire

    Absolutely agree. And yes, I meant CMS, I’ve had the words csm in my head all day because I’m a customer service manager. lol