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New policy regarding phishing sites

Lately we discover more and more free accounts on our network that are used to host phishing websites. Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Typically, such phishing websites try to acquire the login details for popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, bank institutions etc.

This is absolutely not allowed on our servers and will result in permanent account deletion from now on. This means we no longer provide backup files to such users and never reactivate their accounts!

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  • Do you have any way of detecting these types of sites or do you have to come across them or have them reported?

  • xtreemhost

    We have several abuse detector scripts running constantly on our
    network to detect phishing sites and other abuse. Of course, there are
    also phishing sites that have been reported.

  • Arshalan Alaham

    why dont you contact worldbook for Anti-phisher tool? (worldbook is a upcoming a new powerfull+secure social network , this coming to fight with Google and Facebook, Absolutely worldbook win bcoz google and fb have only 7-8 features but worldbook is a 1st social network with 1200 new features! Its a new revolution of technology, i read in a blog that he ll provide anti-phisher social plugins for various, websites. New thing is that he have own web language named “wbhp SDK” , this is launching this 20 march
    Name: worldbook lite space,
    Faunder: Mohatir (india)
    Launching Date: 20 march 2011,
    Link: secret

  • awewbq

    so what happened to phishing sites before? permaban is normal for phishing sites… i’m surprised that you didn’t do that before.

  • xtreemhost

    It’s normal indeed, but people blamed us for stealing their work etc.
    Now we never discuss about it, permanent ban…

  • xtreemhost

    Thanks! This has been terminated!

  • Jhsdgfsdfhmg

    I think this a phishing site:

    Asks for your yahoo login info

  • Hi
  • Olssen
  • xtreemhost

    Thanks, account has been terminated.