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WordPress 3.1 available!

Today, WordPress Version 3.1 “Reinhardt” (named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt) was released to the public!

This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamlined writing interface that hides many of the seldom-used panels by default to create a simpler and less intimidating writing experience for new bloggers (visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back), and a refreshed blue admin scheme available for selection under your personal options.

There’s a bucket of candy for developers as well, including our new Post Formats support which makes it easy for themes to create portable tumblelogs with different styling for different types of posts, new CMS capabilities like archive pages for custom content types, a new Network Admin, an overhaul of the import and export system, and the ability to perform advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries.

It’s recommended to upgrade your WordPress installation to this version. Remember to take a backup of your database and files before starting the automatic upgrade. Free clients may need to enable this plugin to use the automatic upgrade.

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  • nhalan

    I get the error:

    Warning: putenv() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/vol14/ on line 27

    above my dashboard after installing the “third party host fix” plugin.

  • xtreemhost

    This function is disabled on the free plan. You can disable the display of PHP errors by setting correct flag in the .htaccess file within your htdocs folder.

  • muqodas

    how to upload wordpress with free plan..i have tried many times but it wont work…there was error 404 (or something like that ),pls tell me how

  • nhalan

    if the function is disabled on the free plan, then why was the plugin recommended for free clients on xtreemhost? Is there any other way to automatically update wordpress?

    PS: Sorry for posting my earlier question a lot.

  • nhalan

    Found out how to use auto update on wordpress without installing extra plugin

    1. Disable all plugins (frees up memory)
    2. Open up wp-config.php on your ftp browser
    3. Edit wp-config.php by adding this code to the bottom of the file:

    /* Fix WordPress autoupgrades on or any web host that uses VistaPanel */

    if(is_admin()) {
    add_filter(‘filesystem_method’, create_function(‘$a’, ‘return “direct”;’ ));
    define( ‘FS_CHMOD_DIR’, 0751 );

    4. Save changes to wp-config.php
    5. Go to your dashboard (refresh if you were already on it) and try to use the autoupdate feature (worked for me!)

  • xtreemhost

    It’s very simple: extract all files on your local PC and upload them
    using FTP into your htdocs folder.

  • Xeus Man

    How do I use my subdomains with my main wordpress blog?

  • I can’t access my site at where it is hosted in here. please give me some info. Thanks

  • xtreemhost

    This is not the place for support…