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Free Hosting DDOS Attacks

Free Hosting servers are being effected by a DDOS attack. Websites may be running slowly or connection errors currently.

We are working to block and minimize the effect of the attack.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, please be assured service will be fully resumed as soon as possible.

EDIT: Most of the attacks are mitigated now. You may see still slow loading times the coming hours.

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  • Arun

    my site is down for the past 12 hours..not loading at all

  • xtreemhost

    Because people are patient and understand the situation. Please create a support ticket if you have further questions.

  • Arun

    Now it’s 24 hours. The site front and back end not loading at all

  • Arun

    Why there are no other comments

  • Arun

     People are patient because websites would not have been completely down but mine completely down for 28 hours now. Do you feel the difference?

  • xtreemhost

    Please don’t spam us and simply wait for a reply on open tickets…

  • Arun

    Anybody there??????????????????

  • Lujora

    When new accounts wil be available?

  • Menti

    i registered my account and verified it but the link with my datas isn’t coming to my inbox

    please i need this