Banners Broker


Banners Broker (founded by Chris Smith and Kul Josun) is an innovative online advertising company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, that started up in November 2010. They pay you 200% of your initial advertising costs. Moreover, the company also provides its customers with easy ways to generate a residual income. You don’t need to be a genius to understand how BB works; this business model is being called REVENUE SHARING.

Follow the 5 simple steps below and you will earn money instantly (guaranteed!).

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Step 1: Watch below presentation

Step 2: Create your account now

Banners Broker is a private marketplace, signups are by referral only. Click the below button to create your account now. You will see our company (ServeNets) as referral:

Step 3: Choose your package

Step 4: Fund your E-Wallet

Step 5: Purchase Package

If you’ve followed the 5 simple steps above you are now making money.

Click here for videos with the proof of earnings!