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FAQ: Is MySQL supported and what version?

Yes, all of our free hosting services include access to the latest MySQL version which enabled you to run a dynamic site complete with forums, blogs and so much more.

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FAQ: What are my MySQL settings for scripts and the like?

When you install a script such as forums, blogs, or otherwise which rely on having access to a MySQL database you’ll need some information to provide. More likely than not it will ask for the following: MySQL Server/Host Name: (found on the left side of your website control panel) MySQL Username/Account: xth_123456 MySQL Password: yourpassword MySQL Database: xth_123456_yourdatabase […]


FAQ: How do I create a new database?

To create a new MySQL database on your free hosting service follow the below procedure… Login to your website control panel Click on MySQL Databases Below ‘Make a new database:’ type a name for the database Click on Create Database Once you click on Create Database you should see a new database appear on the left in the […]

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FAQ: How many databases can I have?

The maximum number of databases your free hosting account provides is listed on the left side of your website control panel under General Information. For example: MySQL Databases 1 / 6 Which means I’m using 1 database out of 6 possible databases. Don’t confuse this as meaning you can only install 6 scripts which use […]

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FAQ: How do I access phpMyAdmin to manage my databases?

Sometimes you may find that you need to manipulate your databases directly such as edit your tables, create a backup, restore a backup, and more. In order to do this you can utilize phpMyAdmin which is provided with your website control panel and enables you to easily perform database maintenance and functions. To access phpMyAdmin: […]


FAQ: What is my MySQL Hostname?

While on many services your MySQL hostname or servername would be localhost, on our free hosting services your MySQL server where your databases reside is part of its own dedicated hosting cluster. To find out what your MySQL Hostname is, simply login to your website control panel and look on the left side of the […]

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FAQ: Why can’t I use my software client to manage my databases?

Due to previous abuse issues on our free hosting services not to mention security implications of permitting remote MySQL connections to the servers we do not allow remote connections to the database servers for free clients. This restriction affects all third-party client software such as Navicat, MySQL Administrator and more however should you absolutely require […]

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FAQ: How do I import a MySQL database backup?

Sometimes you may find it necessary to restore your site from a backup such as after a script upgrade which breaks your site and cannot be fixed quickly. You can do so via phpMyAdmin: Login to your website control panel Click on phpMyAdmin Click on Connect to this database next to the database you wish to import […]

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