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FAQ: Do you support PHP and if so, what version of PHP?

Yes, our services feature PHP support and in fact are using the latest stable version 5.2.17 (as of August 29, 2011) however, we have disabled some functions due to abuse and security issues. For more information, please see: What restrictions are in place for PHP?


PHP Upgraded to 5.2.12

All free hosting servers have now been upgraded to the latest PHP version 5.2.12. Changelog: Premium hosting servers will be upgraded over the next 36 hours. Regards

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PHP 5.2.11 upgrade

All hosting servers (free and premium) are successfully upgraded to PHP version 5.2.11. This is principally a bug/security fix (see: Regards

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PHP 5.2.10 Upgrade

Hello, We have upgraded all hosting servers (free and premium) to the latest version of PHP 5.2.10. This is principally a bug / security fixing. You can find the official release announcement here: Regards

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PHP 5.2.9 upgrade

Hello all, With effect over the next 45 minutes, all hosting servers will be updated to the new PHP 5.2.9 We expect no issues with this upgrade other than a more stable/faster PHP service. Change log from XtreemHost

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