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Massive 16 Core CPU power!

As part of our continued process of service improvement, we are very pleased to announce our new server upgrades! We have commenced an upgrade on our entire free hosting network, upgrading all cluster nodes or servers to powerful 16 core enterprise Xeon CPU’s, these impressive CPU’s are one of the most powerful, fast CPU’s available […]

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3 new hosting volumes!

Effective immediately, we have implemented a new hosting volume and web servers to serve the volume. This is ‘vol12’. All new hosting accounts will be assigned to this volume, until input/output comes up to speed. This will give the net effect of all other hosting volumes improving in speed due to reduced workload per volume. […]

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Another 2 hosting volumes will be added…

In line with growing the free hosting based on demand, over the next 24/48 hours, two new hosting volumes will be added: volume 10 and volume 11. Along with these 2 new volumes, new dedicated server hardware will also be added. Once implemented and on-line and working, all new hosting accounts created will use the […]


New free hosting volume incomming!

Over the next 48 hours, a new free hosting volume (volume 9) will be introduced into our clustered free hosting network. Along with this new volume, more free hosting servers will be added to improve the performance for all free hosting sites.

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SQL Server Upgrades

Hello all, Over the next 7 days, we will be running a rolling hardware/software upgrade on our SQL-servers. This will cause per database server approximately 50 minutes of SQL downtime for free hosted customers (Premium Customers are unaffected). We will as always try to keep any outages to a minimum. We will be progressing the […]

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New SAN-volume

All, With effect immediately, we have another new SAN-volume (and servers to serve the volume). This is volume 8. This should over the next 2-5 days improve all free hosting performance as new sign ups will be placed onto this volume until it is loaded, reducing disk I/O on the other volumes. XtreemHost


More SQL Power!

Hello all, As an early Christmas present (and for increased website speed / performance / stability), we have now introduced a further 13 (yes unlucky for some!) new MySQL-servers! This now pushes our free network to utilizing over 150 physical servers! Happy Holidays! All the XtreemHost Team

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