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About SMTP, cURL and Sockets

We’re sorry to announce that SMTP, cURL and PHP Sockets are no longer supported on free hosting due to previous massive abuse and security reasons. These features are only available on premium hosting plan, which has no restrictions, unlimited features and comes with a free domain name. More information and ordering: Please note that […]


How to send e-mails via SMTP with PHPmailer and Gmail?

Introduction Lately, we’re receiving a lot of support questions regarding the use of Gmail SMTP on the free hosting plan. With Gmail SMTP you can send mails from your website without using the default PHP Sendmail. You can use it for your forums, online contact forms etc… In this tutorial, we will explain you the […]


FAQ: Is PHP Sendmail support enabled on free hosting?

While PHP Sendmail support is enabled on the XtreemHost free hosting service, we have had to implement multiple levels of filtering to ensure messages sent via our services are not spamming or otherwise abusing this privilege. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to fifteen minutes or more for your outgoing e-mail to be […]


Google SMTP Block [SOLVED]

About three days ago or so we learned that Google has elected to block our IP range from connecting to and sending mail out via the Gmail SMTP service. Please note this block ONLY affects sending mail via Gmail SMTP and does not affect anything else at this time, sites are still indexed, Google Apps […]

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