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Inodes limit in VistaPanel

All, You can now find in the left bar of your VistaPanel the percentage of inodes used for your free account. On the free plan, the number of inodes is limited to 30,000. 1 inode = 1 file or 1 folder The inodes limit is necessary on free hosting for performance reasons. Note that our […]


Script CPU Usage

You can now view the scripts/files that are consuming most CPU/accounting for your daily CPU usage in your VistaPanel. This data can then hopefully be used to make decisions on how to optimize scripts and reduce the CPU utilization of your account. Regards

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New installer!

Hello all, We have recently launched a totally new script installer in your vPanel. The new installer now configures all database etc. in a 3 touch fashion! We hope you enjoy the new script installer in your vPanel. XtreemHost

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About the script installer…

Hello all, As some of you may have noticed, our automatic script installer is currently unavailable. We are working on a new script installer which will be up and running within the next few days. The new installer will have some cool features as well as new scripts (about 40 scripts in total). XtreemHost

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vPanel V3 coming soon…

Hello all, vPanel v3 is incoming! This will be a defining free hosting control panel. We would like any (serious) input feature/usability wise that you would like to see in the panel as a end user. Suggestions should be ‘possible’ and ‘reasonable’ and can be posted here. XtreemHost

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